sustainable   RANCHING

Realizing Maximum Sustainable Profit Per Ranch While Improving The Environment


Join renowned grazier and livestock breeder Johann Zietsman from Zimbabwe. Mr. Zeitsman studied livestock under Jan Bonsma and is also a Holistic Manage- ment practitioner mentioned in Alan Savory’s book. He is acknowledged as the first person to use Ultra High Stock Density. His practical knowledge of grazing and livestock are unique.

He was joined for these sessions by Jim Elizondo from Mexico. Mr. Elizondo has been using regenerative grazing to heal and improve the environment with cattle for many years. He also been a user and franchise owner in Mexico of Free Choice Enterprises livestock mineral for over 15 years.

Individual Ranch Consultation can be arranged, with both Johann & Jim offering their expertise specifically for your ranch operation.  This includes flexible work with your specific challenges as well as a detailed written plan for your ranch.

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